A New Tree Of Life

This is the first post about a new book called Sons of Light. It is 2125C.E. and society is populated by bio-engineered humans. Joram and his wife Atarah, travel across the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, where they can hide with their adopted son, Terran. They are descendants from the ancient Jewish Essenes, who have tried to keep tradition alive, and are traveling through time and space on the symbolic branches of the Tree of Life, manifested through heavenly dimensions. Evil beings encounter them and their life is threatened until Terran mutates into his true form, and joins angelic creatures to begin the battle for mankind’s souls. John’s forbidden book of “Revelation” comes into fruition and the Essenes continue in a surprising state of existence. Sons of Light is available on Amazon by M.DiGioia Bogin.


Good Readers

How many parents bring their children to the library to choose a book that will excite them into reading for life? How many teachers give reading assignments and discuss books? Our society is demanding that reading is essential. Good readers come from families, schools and libraries who promote reading. It is sad that so many young adults play video games instead of reading. Read for entertainment, for information or read more, to become a good reader who can successfully move through life’s oportunities. Many vocational schools and colleges find students who read very little and when tested, some students are on elementary school levels. If you are having trouble understanding or with oral reading, try to get an evaluation from a learning disability specialist who does individualized testing. You may need special attention and will learn strategies to become a better reader.

Rafting Safety

After a summer kayaking our local river, the Lehigh, in Northeast Pennsylvania, we are devastated by the many deaths and accidents this summer from rafters falling out of rafts and hitting their heads on river rocks, going unconscious and drowning. We river kayakers, and all people who raft want the legislature to mandate helmets on the river. Other whitewater rivers around the country save many lives by using helmets and it is about time our rafting outfitters give their customers the protection they need as they traverse white water with many submerged rocks that are dangerous when struck. We really want helmets on our rafters so we kayakers feel more relaxed on the river when rafts are stuck on rocks and the rafters are struggling, bouncing and jumping in the raft to release it back into the river. We don’t understand why helmets are required for other sports, but not rafting. It’s about time our visitors from cities get the protection they deserve. We want helmets for rafters!

Great Credit? Invest in Real Estate!

If you have great credit, you could borrow on your home’s equity and buy a home to rent out and get extra income. You also build a portfolio after doing this a number of times. Any questions? With this crazy market with low-interest rates and low prices, this is a possibility. After working in the real-estate business for a while, it was imperative to get a pre-qualification from my clients before taking them out to see the plethora of homes.

First: Take your good credit score and your financial information to a good bank and get pre-qualified and build a relationship with a mortgage financier. When you do find the property you wish to purchase, you will have your team behind you.

Next: Talk to a reputable real-estate agency and get an agent who will show you properties that are within your budget.

Last: Call your mortgage representative with the information about the property.

They will guide you from there, and you will be  on your way to putting your good credit to great use in a tough financial market.

Real Estate Portfolio 2012

As a past real-estate salesperson, I escorted hundreds of people through a candy store of homes in this buyer’s market. So many could have bought a home for investment since they could have rented out the property, but they were afraid to take a chance. Now is the time to invest in property if you have good credit and income.

My agency specialized in vacation rentals and the buyers didn’t even have to live in state.  Have someone else manage your investment.

Do you have money sitting in an account that has low interest? Pull some out and call a good real-estate broker in your area and discuss the possibility of investing. You might be able to purchase your retirement home now and rent it out until you are ready. Many homes are in amenity filled communities and would be easy to rent for vacation or long-term rentals.

Don’t be afraid to step out and take a chance. Many fortunes were made by starting with  just one investment property.There are many options and ways to use existing capital to make your future more financially secure.

Do you have the skills to renovate? You could buy a foreclosure, renovate and rent it until the market picks up and you can sell.

We have investment properties that are rented, and renovated a foreclosure. This will give us income for our future. You can do it too!

9/11 We Will Never Forget

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I will never forget the eerie feeling as I drove to school in New Jersey, on September 11, 2001. I was commuting to work from our home in Pike County, PA, but I really felt like staying home that day. After signing in, I went to my room to prepare for my first reading student. Everything seemed fine until about 9a.m. when I thought I’d check the computer lab’s schedule. As I entered, the class was studying current events, and everyone was watching the local news. We were discussing the schedule when there was “Breaking News” in the program. Silence. All eyes watched in horror as they showed footage of the first World Trade Center tower collapsing like it was crushed by a giant beast.

As we listened, more special subject teachers came into the room to stare with disbelief. We heard someone on TV proclaim, “Oh no! The second tower has been hit and there is news that the Pentagon also has been hit!” Then we heard about Flight 93 coming down in Shanksville, PA! The newscaster and the crew were all scrambling around in the background behind the anchor, and our students were numb, shocked, with heads lowered resting on their desks. So many of them had come to America to be safe from the military terrors in Central America.

The United States, to them, was impervious to homeland attack. We, as a nation, had passed from infancy into adulthood in a matter of hours. Many teachers whispered, “This is the beginning of WW3.”

Our school was on lock down, and no teachers were to leave. I opened the side door of the school’s basement, while fighter jets were flying right over our school making the ground shake. Our school was on the high, rocky Palisades and overlooked Manhattan. I dared not go to the top floor to see the billowing smoke and devastation. I would have cried.

By 1p.m. the classrooms were empty. Earlier, frantic parents stormed the front door and ran down the hallways to grab their young children, to bring them home. Many teachers were put on post to keep order in the halls. We were told that we had to stay to help with the wounded, as our cafeteria was changed to a triage unit for incoming victims. A few teachers ran out of the building to get home because their husbands worked in lower Manhattan. Our Principal understood. We continued to watch the news and about 4p.m. we were allowed to leave. The New Jersey Turnpike to Rt. 80 was desolate. Highways into and out of the NYC had been blocked. There was no one at the tollbooth, and I drove right through. It was terrifying.

Weeks later, our school began “terrorist alert drills”. The Principal would say a code sentence, and the teachers would shut all lights and corral the children into the corner. Some children cried, and others, in the halls, scrambled to get to the nearest classroom to be admitted. After a few minutes he’d announce another sentence that would mean, “all clear”. Every week we got new code sentences. Our schools would never be the same.

Where were you on September 11, 2001? Was this a wake –up call to Americans?

This was the day that America witnessed the bravery of our Firefighters, Police and private citizens who died attempting to save others. We honor them. We honor those who sacrificed their lives and left loved ones behind. America showed that we could rally together, and unify to help each other in disaster. We have strong families who migrated here to find freedom and a new life. We must never forget their hard work, and their patriotism. We must protect our nation from all who threaten her. Many families escaped the horror of 9/11 by moving.  Be kind to new arrivals in your town. Remember your ancestors. Everyone has his or her own story about September 11, 2001, when America arose from slumber, and again became an eagle. We will never forget!

Memory Chips

If computers have memory through chips, then why not adapt a chip to implant inside our brains so we have instant knowledge?  The future could hold that as a possibility. What an exciting, but dangerous situation. Who would get the chip and who wouldn’t? Would it be law that everyone get a chip? Some people would probably have chips to help them in their particular jobs. Who would decide what jobs? Possibly after a few years, a child would begin to show talents and a chip would be fashioned to enhance ability. Chips could be inserted in people to serve others in menial jobs. Scary.

We must strive to stay unique and cherish the diversity of culture and of individual strengths and weaknesses. Laws to protect our individuality must never be changed.

As we become more bio engineered, let us not forget our humanity.

A Woman’s Job- Is it Abuse?

A woman’s job can be an abuse to herself. There are many kinds of abuse that women have endured since humans lived together as families, and clans. Woman were always considered “the weaker sex”, not as valuable as a man, property, not able to earn equal pay, not able to play sports with men, not allowed in “Men’s Clubs”, the parent responsible for a bad child, suffer every day with side effects from changing hormones, is blamed for a messy, unorganized home.The list can go on and on.

We have taken on many new roles since we have been “liberated”.
Now we are suffering even more. Heart disease, anxiety, and depression are on the rise for American women. Work and home responsibilities often are abusive to her body and psychological mind. Were we meant to do it all?

Many men have decided, that since women are now free to participate in all area of their previous sacrosanct lives, their women must produce and provide financially for the family. Yes, it is a relief for a man. He can come home, do what he chooses, eat dinner and then retire to the couch for the evening while all the action goes on behind the game or movie.

He can have a better standard of living because there are now two salaries or maybe she is providing the entire income for the family. There are men who really don’t want to work, so he finds a girl with a great degree and job capabilities, and then marries her. After a while, he quits and tells his tired wife to go out to work, bring and pick up the children from day care, prepare meals, care for the children, clean the house, do laundry, get lunches for the next day, make sure homework is complete, sign all forms needed for school the next day, answer all home phone messages, give baths, read stories, tuck in children, get out clothes for the morning, take a shower, climb into bed and try to get a good nights sleep, barring any children waking up with nightmares, or are in need of a burp.
The next day is a repeat of the last, and it goes on and on and on. It’s a woman’s job to handle it all! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Yes, woman love the freedom, but don’t blame us if things go wrong. Society is making men the weaker sex and making buffoons out of them. Look at the commercials? Why not show men and women and blended families sharing the work of providing and raising the children. Positive family objectives should be taught to newlyweds, and comments sent to the producers of the shows that denigrate either gender.

Praise the good, solid partners by their woman’s side, sharing domestic work. These fine people are saving lives. Women are taking more leadership roles and are moving up the ladder in many corporations. Many women are entrepreneurs of the work at home job market. Reversing roles can work if there is communication, and no resentment. We have come a long way, but listen to yourself and your partner.

If you are feeling overburdened with responsibility, tell him or her that men and women are equals. It is imperative to share the daily doldrums. Divide the chores and give yourself a ten-minute “time out” each day to regroup your mind and spirit. Don’t suffer, like it was expected of women, in past ages.
A woman’s job can be an abuse to herself if she does not get help with her day.

October, 2011

Do any of you actually think that any catastrophic thing will happen in October? I would love to know how many of you think that the world will end. What happened to December 21, 2012? The Mayans just got tired of counting. The world will go on, with or without us!

Keep On Giving

Keep On Giving!

She had no friends since she was smelly, dirty and didn’t share. Her mother disappeared when she was a toddler. Alone at her desk, she often sat with her head down and I would ask her softly to sit up straight. Everyone avoided sitting near her since she never bathed, and often wore the same stained dress. Her unwashed oily blond hair had strands stuck together and her large blue eyes would flash with excitement when I asked her to come up to my desk and work. Her homework was usually missing and she was often absent.

Our school psychologist and I talked about strategies to help Ellen. Our nurse had clothing donated from the local community, and she often chose slacks, underwear, and tops for her. Daily she’d bring Ellen to the nurse’s bathroom and let her wash and change.

Eventually, her apartment was investigated. It was not too dirty, and there was food in the refrigerator. Strewn on the kitchen table were car parts, bolts, screws, hoses and rusty old engine pieces. There were no signs of physical or emotional abuse. Ellen continued to come to school and sit alone with her eyes facing the floor.

One of eleven children, I met Alex in a second grade classroom. He was ten. Long, cropped, curly black hair was often disheveled when he’d lay his head on his hands while trying to write. His family moved frequently. He lived with his mother and eleven siblings in a converted alley garage.

The nurse had given him a donated warm coat when it was too bitter for him to come to school. He watched his three younger siblings until his mother came back from a meager job. They had food, and the garage had clean beds, light and warmth. Alex visited his brother and nephews in another city and enjoyed getting out of town and getting special attention from them.

It was Christmas. I talked to my own children about how blessed we were.
My youngest son had a toy called a “Transformer” that changed from a car to a robot. He thought that he’d like to come into school and give it to Alex.

Unable to visit my school, I put the toy in a bag and I told his teacher that Alex would be bringing this bag back from my room.
I placed the bag next to his reading material.
“What’s this bag?”
“Open the bag! My son wanted you to have what’ s inside.”
Alex timidly peeked inside. His eyes widened.
“Wow, I wanted one of these! Thank your son for me.”
He didn’t get much reading done, but he did write a note to my son, thanking him. He read it after we checked his writing, grammar and spelling. It was a rewarding lesson.

I was very pleased that my son wanted to make someone else happy. It was time for me to consider retiring and the thought of leaving my “children” at school was almost unbearable. My biological children were in college and my youngest children were in high school. I really loved the children in my reading classes.

The Board of Education offered sixty-two teachers an early retirement. Should I take the chance now? What would happen to Ellen and Alex?
I guess the decision was made for me. Alex moved away to his brother’s home. His brother’s wife was having a baby. Ellen and her sister moved to Florida with her Dad .

Don’t stop giving. There are many like Ellen and Alex out there who need us!

Thinking About Freedom in a Relationship?

When you get together, respect for your partner is paramount to a good relationship. Is your husband, wife, friend, or partner belittling you after you tell a story? Do they cut your story short so they can finish the story? That is so annoying, because they are not valuing you as an individual. Look closely for signs that “He’s just not into you”. Do you know what I mean? Does he or she give you a chance to pick the movie or to pick the activity for the day. Will he or she fight you on it , if he or she does not really want to do what you want? After a while it gets tired. Are you all physical, and not a spiritual relationship? If you are too physical in the beginning, your partner may not trust you and also may go on to other pursuits! If they only want a physical relationship, then start thinking about your freedom. That is a danger sign that they really don’t give a hoot about the real you. People have motives in their relationships and those motives can be altruistic or very selfish. If you can find out the motives, and you like them, then stop thinking about freedom.