A New Tree Of Life

This is the first post about a new book called Sons of Light. It is 2125C.E. and society is populated by bio-engineered humans. Joram and his wife Atarah, travel across the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, where they can hide with their adopted son, Terran. They are descendants from the ancient Jewish Essenes, who have tried to keep tradition alive, and are traveling through time and space on the symbolic branches of the Tree of Life, manifested through heavenly dimensions. Evil beings encounter them and their life is threatened until Terran mutates into his true form, and joins angelic creatures to begin the battle for mankind’s souls. John’s forbidden book of “Revelation” comes into fruition and the Essenes continue in a surprising state of existence. Sons of Light is available on Amazon by M.DiGioia Bogin.

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  1. Think of living, as a free fall through life. Grab on to the branches of a tree to stop you. Its’ purpose is to lead you in a new direction. Take it. Climb up the branch and see where it might bring you.

  2. If you live long enough, you will begin to see that the branches you grabbed brought you into situations that you didn’t understand at the time, but now you can see the reason you had to grab that branch. You may have gotten bruised, but it is your path toward the destiny you were meant to live in this life plane. There are other planes of existence. Physicists are exploring the possibility of multiple universes and we know that energy can’t be created or destroyed. Aren’t we energy? Our bodies are the shell, and our spirit is the energy that will continue when we outgrow our shell at our passing. I will not say death.

  3. As the author of these posts, I am addressing the Mongaup River article. This weekend, September 18th, 2010,they are releasing 2 tubes of water to make it a wild ride. It probably will be crowded due to the lack of water everywhere else. Have fun all!


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