Survival of mankind-Solar?

We are stewards of the Earth. Do you think you can use the Earth’s resources for your own pleasure and needs? The civilized countries, like America, use almost 75% of the Earth’s resources. It’s ironic that the third world countries are more in tune with nature and it’s resources. It is time that all of us begin to use cloth bags for our groceries, put solar panels on our roofs, grow our own food, use natural or biodegradable products for cleaning, and not buy products that come from companies that rape the Earth. We just installed solar panels on our roof and already it is reducing the drain on the power company, and reducing our monthly bill! Residents support the farmers’ market which provides local food grown with no preservatives found in many large grocery stores. Got to start somewhere. We live in the historic town of Jim Thorpe,Pennsylvania, behind the Appalachian Trail. It is the town with the Lehigh River, rafting, whitewater kayaking, biking and hiking. Can you imaging a better place to live? It is called the Switzerland of America and it has maintained the charm of the Victorian era. Many third generation residents recall the history of their ancestors who immigrated from Ireland and worked here in the coal mines or on the railroad. South Ave would be perfect for Solar energy and it would compliment the beautiful “victory” gardens in their yards. Neighbors share their produce with each other, or bring it to the weekly farmer’s market. Soon this town will become “green” and it will be a town that  Victorian mansions and row houses from the 1800’s can be proud to enter into the next evolutionary path for survival. What will happen to America if we don’t ration our heavy usage of oil, gas and electricity? We have the land to use windmills for electricity and the sun to heat our homes. How can the American people survive the rising prices of utilities along with the loss of their jobs and health insurance along with the lowering values of their homes? At least if we got some monetary relief from using natural, clean resources and quicker notification of coming disasters, our world would be less polluted, safer,and our grandchildren would have less birth defects due to the environment. I believe we are killing ourselves with the misuse of the environment to support our extravagant life styles. Mother Earth will revolt, rumble and roar at us very soon. Will we survive her wrath? Survival of mankind will depend upon our continued advances made in production of solar power, less chemicals in our food by having affordable organic produce, and by caring enough to become stewards of the Earth.

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  1. I agree with you. Solar power is one solution to an immense problem in our world. I can’t install solar panels on my apartment building but if I could I would. Not only is Solar power the answer, it is also becoming more affordable as the government has programs that could save the end-user money on solar panels for their homes. This is a great article and I think more people need to be attuned to information like this. Nice job!

    • So true. Too bad all apartments and large office complexes don’t use solar on their high flat roofs that could point toward the sun. Besides solar being cleaner and now available, there are great government rebates that encourage homes and businesses to use solar for at least part of their energy usage. I hope that in our town, other home owners will take the initiative and go solar also. At lease it is a step toward going green which our world really needs. Thanks for your comment.


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