Jim Thorpe-Perfect for Solar or Wind Turbines

We are stewards of the Earth. Do you think you can use the Earth’s resources for your own pleasure and needs? America uses almost 75% of the Earth’s resources. It’s ironic that the third world countries are more in tune with nature and it’s resources. It is time that you take a good look at solar energy, and other ways to preserve Earth.

We live in historic Jim Thorpe, behind the Appalachian Trail in Northeast PA. It is the town with the Lehigh River, rafting, whitewater kayaking, biking and hiking, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and the mountains cradling us in their hands. Can you imaging a better place to live? It is called the Switzerland of America, and has maintained the charm of the Victorian era. We take pride in our homes, tenderly plant gardens and care about the future. Most of Jim Thorpe is perfect for solar energy,and it would compliment the beautiful “victory” gardens in our yards. Neighbors share their produce with each other, or bring it to the weekly farmer’s market. Many of us have begun to use cloth bags for our groceries, grow our own food, and use natural or biodegradable products for cleaning. Why not consider using homes pointed toward the south to use solar, or our mountains and high elevations for wind turbines?

How many towns do that? We just installed solar panels on our roof and already it is reducing the drain on the power company, and decreasing our monthly bill!  Other neighbors and friends are interested too.

Jim Thorpe is becoming “green”. Our town, with Victorian mansions and coal miners’ row houses from the 1800′s, can be a proud model of a historic town that conserves electricity and other natural resources. What will happen to us if we don’t ration our heavy usage of oil, gas and electricity, or re-cycle our metals, paper and glass? We have high mountains and the elevation to use wind turbines for electricity, and the sun to heat and power our homes. How can we survive the rising prices of utilities, along with the loss of jobs and health insurance, and the lowering values of homes? At least if we had some monetary relief from using natural, clean resources, like solar energy, or wind, our town would be even stronger and have more of its’ own resources to spend here.

I believe that countries have blinders on, and succumbed to greed while stripping the earth’s eco systems. Mother Earth will revolt, rumble and roar at us very soon. Will we survive her wrath? Survival of mankind will depend upon our continued advances made in production of clean energy, solar power, and wind power.

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