Earth’s Future

Assuming we become stewards of the Earth, even with natural disasters, we will survive as a species. There will be geothermal underground homes with solar panels. Above ground surviving towns will become touring and educational places where ancient artifacts from the 19th and 20th century could be displayed. There will be peace because humans will have learned to co-operate with each other after the natural disasters, and will become tolerant and appreciative of cultural diversity. Earth will have a human family that will work together. Eventually, scientific advancement will allow humans to replace their old body parts with new ones made from their own cells. Unfortunately, the new world government will begin to see science as a way to again build an army.

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  1. Robin Downey

     /  February 1, 2011

    Hi- I found your website searching for ideas for my art room (should I get the job I’ve applied for recently. Jobs in CA are very tight right now, so I thought I would revise my teacher strategies and practices with some new classroom management styles.)

    So, my question are:
    1. How did you set your art room up for success for Jr. High school age children? Did you use group work?

    2. What kind of schedule do you recommend to engage students during the period?
    I used a schedule that included a 5-7 minute warm up drawing (while I took roll) and then we’d go into the project, review and cleanup. I am needing some specific ideas that make up the 52 minute time frame to offer students.

    3. I am implementing new ideas like journaling at the end of the day, like, “What did you learn”, what are your thoughts about this at the end of the class.

    Thanks for your help. My classroom management (I am a fairly new teacher who had a very bad year last year at a H.S.) So I need to go in with some new strategies and classroom management ideas for dealing with difficult students with terrible issues.

    Ok, and I like the idea of the couch exercises. I do some..


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