Thinking About Freedom in a Relationship?

When you get together, respect for your partner is paramount to a good relationship. Is your husband, wife, friend, or partner belittling you after you tell a story? Do they cut your story short so they can finish the story? That is so annoying, because they are not valuing you as an individual. Look closely for signs that “He’s just not into you”. Do you know what I mean? Does he or she give you a chance to pick the movie or to pick the activity for the day. Will he or she fight you on it , if he or she does not really want to do what you want? After a while it gets tired. Are you all physical, and not a spiritual relationship? If you are too physical in the beginning, your partner may not trust you and also may go on to other pursuits! If they only want a physical relationship, then start thinking about your freedom. That is a danger sign that they really don’t give a hoot about the real you. People have motives in their relationships and those motives can be altruistic or very selfish. If you can find out the motives, and you like them, then stop thinking about freedom.

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