Rafting Safety

After a summer kayaking our local river, the Lehigh, in Northeast Pennsylvania, we are devastated by the many deaths and accidents this summer from rafters falling out of rafts and hitting their heads on river rocks, going unconscious and drowning. We river kayakers, and all people who raft want the legislature to mandate helmets on the river. Other whitewater rivers around the country save many lives by using helmets and it is about time our rafting outfitters give their customers the protection they need as they traverse white water with many submerged rocks that are dangerous when struck. We really want helmets on our rafters so we kayakers feel more relaxed on the river when rafts are stuck on rocks and the rafters are struggling, bouncing and jumping in the raft to release it back into the river. We don’t understand why helmets are required for other sports, but not rafting. It’s about time our visitors from cities get the protection they deserve. We want helmets for rafters!