A Woman’s Job- Is it Abuse?

A woman’s job can be an abuse to herself. There are many kinds of abuse that women have endured since humans lived together as families, and clans. Woman were always considered “the weaker sex”, not as valuable as a man, property, not able to earn equal pay, not able to play sports with men, not allowed in “Men’s Clubs”, the parent responsible for a bad child, suffer every day with side effects from changing hormones, is blamed for a messy, unorganized home.The list can go on and on.

We have taken on many new roles since we have been “liberated”.
Now we are suffering even more. Heart disease, anxiety, and depression are on the rise for American women. Work and home responsibilities often are abusive to her body and psychological mind. Were we meant to do it all?

Many men have decided, that since women are now free to participate in all area of their previous sacrosanct lives, their women must produce and provide financially for the family. Yes, it is a relief for a man. He can come home, do what he chooses, eat dinner and then retire to the couch for the evening while all the action goes on behind the game or movie.

He can have a better standard of living because there are now two salaries or maybe she is providing the entire income for the family. There are men who really don’t want to work, so he finds a girl with a great degree and job capabilities, and then marries her. After a while, he quits and tells his tired wife to go out to work, bring and pick up the children from day care, prepare meals, care for the children, clean the house, do laundry, get lunches for the next day, make sure homework is complete, sign all forms needed for school the next day, answer all home phone messages, give baths, read stories, tuck in children, get out clothes for the morning, take a shower, climb into bed and try to get a good nights sleep, barring any children waking up with nightmares, or are in need of a burp.
The next day is a repeat of the last, and it goes on and on and on. It’s a woman’s job to handle it all! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Yes, woman love the freedom, but don’t blame us if things go wrong. Society is making men the weaker sex and making buffoons out of them. Look at the commercials? Why not show men and women and blended families sharing the work of providing and raising the children. Positive family objectives should be taught to newlyweds, and comments sent to the producers of the shows that denigrate either gender.

Praise the good, solid partners by their woman’s side, sharing domestic work. These fine people are saving lives. Women are taking more leadership roles and are moving up the ladder in many corporations. Many women are entrepreneurs of the work at home job market. Reversing roles can work if there is communication, and no resentment. We have come a long way, but listen to yourself and your partner.

If you are feeling overburdened with responsibility, tell him or her that men and women are equals. It is imperative to share the daily doldrums. Divide the chores and give yourself a ten-minute “time out” each day to regroup your mind and spirit. Don’t suffer, like it was expected of women, in past ages.
A woman’s job can be an abuse to herself if she does not get help with her day.