Great Credit? Invest in Real Estate!

If you have great credit, you could borrow on your home’s equity and buy a home to rent out and get extra income. You also build a portfolio after doing this a number of times. Any questions? With this crazy market with low-interest rates and low prices, this is a possibility. After working in the real-estate business for a while, it was imperative to get a pre-qualification from my clients before taking them out to see the plethora of homes.

First: Take your good credit score and your financial information to a good bank and get pre-qualified and build a relationship with a mortgage financier. When you do find the property you wish to purchase, you will have your team behind you.

Next: Talk to a reputable real-estate agency and get an agent who will show you properties that are within your budget.

Last: Call your mortgage representative with the information about the property.

They will guide you from there, and you will beĀ  on your way to putting your good credit to great use in a tough financial market.